Why did GE Aviation’s 100 Flights program take us to Dubai?  Because we have incredible customers and employees in the region with deep domain expertise supporting great products.

An appreciation of the expertise in the Dubai region was a main take-away from nine GE Aviation employees who traveled to Dubai from engineering, programs, supply chain and services in celebration of the company’s 100th anniversary.

Employees at GE Aviation’s Advanced Technology Center in Dubai.

At GE Aviation’s Advanced Technology Center in Dubai, John Griner and Aseem Gupta shared the great work the team is doing to help customers in the region through digital and Analytics Based Maintenance (ABM). The value it brings to the customer like significant reduction in unscheduled engine removals was evident and the team shared the same with solid data. Ram Mulik, regional leader for C&PSO for GE Aviation mentioned, “People ask if digital is working, ABM is proof that it is.”

Aziz Koleilat who leads the sales team for this region and Ram Mulik, joined the team to share the thoughts on the regional environment and best practices in how we’re working within the team to better support our customers. What differentiates GE is how field issues are managed without affecting customer’s operations. GE’s investment in regional resources and the customer team approach to effectively deliver the service and grow the relationship has been rewarding and the field service engineer, customer service manager and the customer program manager play an instrumental role in this. Getting the fix right the first time is critical.

The team visited GE Aviation’s On Wing Support facility where the group was amazed by the expertise and capability they have developed. The OWS team has technicians belonging to 15 different nationalities. This key strength enables the team to mobilize quickly to different destinations during AoG situations and support the customer.

Employees at the One Wing Support Facility in Dubai.

The expertise from members across the team is incredible. The 100 Flights team realized that we not only have MRO and Component Repair shops, but we also have a third category of shop in the network which can be termed as Quick Turn shops like this one in Dubai.

“I must admit that I was blown away with what I saw,” commented Mayuresh Phadke, a 100 Flights member from the fleet management team at GE Aviation, Bangalore. “While the team travels to various customer locations during AoG situations and performs BSI or on-wing repair like boro-blending, they also have a large shop where they can remove almost all modules from an engine and can perform a lot of complex QT’s.”

A group shot of the GE Aviation employees who travelled to Dubai as part of the 100-flights experience.

Monty Story and James Lloyd with On Wing Support hosted the team. It was evident that the tremendous growth in the region and with our On Wing Support facilities in general, is instrumental to GE Aviation’s continued growth going forward.

Aviation and tourist are the top two industries in Dubai. The team was fully immersed in both during their experience and enjoyed the local culture and engagement with the team. The expertise and network within GE Aviation is a major differentiator. The 100 Flights team was reminded of the tremendous experience of their fellow colleagues around the world. We experience a major strength in bringing the key organizations together to solve situations for our customers.

The 100 Flights Employee Recognition Program was developed as part of GE Aviation’s 100-Year Anniversary. 100 employees were randomly selected to share our history at key sites and shows around the world. They will have the opportunity to see what we do, how we do it, and why we do it, creating an experience that inspires a connection to our Purpose. Employees will see how their work directly impacts our business and the world first-hand while experiencing our rich culture and history.