Airport Cleanliness: There’s An App For That

With the new Wellness Trace app, travelers can see how airport employees are working to carry out safety protocols. At the Albany airport, where GE launched the system this week, QR stickers are posted in more than 45 locations, allowing travelers to see when an area was last cleaned. Employees upload information into the app each time they clean a corresponding surface.

Shipmates to Teammates: How Three U.S. Navy Veterans Reunited at GE Aviation

Steve Maynard, Randy Johnson, and Rob Liner all work for GE Aviation’s marine gas turbine business, which provides reliable turbine power aboard 631 naval ships in 39 navies around the world. But these three don’t just know each other from work—for a short period in the early 1990s, all three served aboard the former U.S. Navy Spruance-class destroyer, USS Fletcher (DD-992), which was powered by four GE LM2500 gas turbines.

The X-Factor: 22,000 Pounds Of Thrust Just Got Quieter

In August, NASA took delivery of the first F414-GE-100 engine for its X-59 QueSST plane, a one-of-a-kind experimental aircraft that will fly faster than Mach 1 and higher than most high-performance aircraft at 55,000 feet.

GE9X Engine Achieves FAA Certification

The GE9X engine has been certified by U.S. aviation authorities, a key milestone in its journey to power the new twin-engine Boeing 777X family. Ten GE9X engines have been delivered for Boeing’s four 777X flight test airplanes.

GE: Building A World That Works

Five GE Aviation and Additive employees brings to life GE’s new tagline, Building a world that works. Join them as they take you inside GE from around the globe.

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