Always On: GE Continues 24/7 Support to Airlines Despite COVID-19

Even as the COVID-19 crisis has rocked the aviation industry, GE Aviation’s Fleet Support team has continued to assist airlines around the world 24/7. Last year, Fleet Support handled over 115,000 cases for the world’s largest installed base of commercial aircraft engines.

Special Delivery: CTEC Welcomes GE9X Engine to Training Center

GE’s Customer Technical Education Center (CTEC) facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, recently added a GE9X engine for use in customer training classes. “Everything on the GE9X is big—nothing is small,” said Eli Lessing, retired New Product Introduction Program Manager for Training at CTEC. “We needed a lot of space to accommodate the engine.”

The Workhorse: T700 Continues to Deliver

The T700, GE Aviation’s workhorse helicopter engine, has been going strong for 42 years and counting. This spring alone, the company was awarded $242 million in contracts with the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps.

New Health App ID Aims to Restore Passenger Confidence

GE Aviation has created Health Application ID to help the aviation industry address COVID-19 related safety concerns. “This application addresses an urgent need in our industry to help ensure airline and airport workers have been screened for COVID-19 and that their fellow passengers have been checked,” said Andrew Coleman, chief commercial officer of GE Aviation’s Digital Group.

GE’s F414 Delivers

When the U.S. Navy awarded GE Aviation a $754 million engineering and manufacturing development contract for the F414 engine...

Second Boeing 777X Makes First Flight Powered by GE9X

On April 30, the second Boeing 777X airplane successfully completed its test flight, cruising 2 hours and 58 minutes over Washington State and landing at Boeing Field in Seattle. On its wings: the most powerful jet engine ever built—the GE9X.

One Big Family: Supporting the Italian Air Force in the Time of COVID-19

Gianluca De Donno has worked as an Avio Aero field service representative at the Italian Air Force base in Pisa for 10 years. “By now, I know, and am known by, almost everyone at the air base. I feel like one of them because they make me feel like that. It is really like one big family.”

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