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Celebrating 25 years of unique culture, growth in Durham, NC

The Durham facility started with 20 employees and focused on one engine model. Over the last 25 years, the site has supported more than 10 engine models. Today, GE Aviation Durham has grown to more than 380 employees who focus on the GE9X, GE90, GEnx and LEAP engines, delivering more than 1,700 engine units a year.

So you want to build jet engines? Specialized training is here

With more than 1,000 entry-level and professional-level job openings currently at GE Aviation sites in just the U.S., specialized employee training programs are one of the ways GE Aviation is addressing the need for more qualified job applicants by preparing its workforce on needed skills.

3 Keys to Meeting Record Engine Demand

The LEAP engine program of CFM International isn’t just a history-maker in commercial aviation because of its record sales. Additive manufacturing and digital tools that make factories smarter are helping GE Aviation meet record orders placed for the LEAP engine.

Blade Runner 4.0

Additive repair techniques on aircraft engines are going down an extremely exciting path of development and application on...

Factory floor to classroom: GE Aviation managers in growing Auburn plant share teaching duties with Alabama State Training program

Joseph Moore works days on the shop floor at GE Aviation’s fast-growing jet engine factory in Auburn – then teaches his experiences at night in the classroom. He’s one of several operations managers at GE’s Auburn site with a teaching role during the month-long vocational training sessions at Southern Union State Community College near Auburn to prepare GE’s growing foster of hourly workers.

New GE plant seeks to narrow manufacturing skills gap

After creating eight factories across the U.S. over the past decade, GE Aviation is working to narrow the “skills gap” facing many young Americans seeking jobs in today’s advanced manufacturing plants.

Linking the GE9X supply chain

Where in the world are parts coming for the GE9X engine? Find out about all the links in the GE9X Supply Chain.

Inside the historic challenge of meeting the LEAP production ramp | GE Aviation at the 2017 Paris Air Show

GE Aviation has never experienced anything like the LEAP production ramp, which will see the Business grow from producing 500 LEAP engines in 2017 to some 2,200 engines per year in 2020 and beyond. To handle the ramp in LEAP production, GE has added more than 1.5 million square-feet of new production and Services footprint, which includes eight new facilities and additions to 10 existing plants.


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