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GE: Building A World That Works

Five GE Aviation and Additive employees brings to life GE’s new tagline, Building a world that works. Join them as they take you inside GE from around the globe.

The Curious Mind Behind the App Aiming to Help Airlines Rebound From COVID-19

After the COVID-19 pandemic started shutting down countries around the world in March, David Havera partnered with TE-FOOD to develop a travel app that monitors whether planes, crews and passengers have cleared specific health and cleanliness checks and enables passengers to scan the tray and seat to confirm both have been sanitized between flights.

Clean Sky 2 Maestro Project Ready for Take-Off

The European research project for small air transport has contributed new technologies that will soon fly with GE’s Catalyst, and is looking ahead at driving an even more sustainable future.

Always On: GE Continues 24/7 Support to Airlines Despite COVID-19

Even as the COVID-19 crisis has rocked the aviation industry, GE Aviation’s Fleet Support team has continued to assist airlines around the world 24/7. Last year, Fleet Support handled over 115,000 cases for the world’s largest installed base of commercial aircraft engines.

One Big Family: Supporting the Italian Air Force in the Time of COVID-19

Gianluca De Donno has worked as an Avio Aero field service representative at the Italian Air Force base in Pisa for 10 years. “By now, I know, and am known by, almost everyone at the air base. I feel like one of them because they make me feel like that. It is really like one big family.”

Mr. Cooper Goes to Washington

Remembering Dr. Tom Cooper and GE Aviation’s marathon budget battle on Capitol Hill over the Joint Strike Fighter

Steering the Iconic GE90 Through Turbulence

GE Aviation Hall of Fame member Russ Sparks helped steer the GE90 through its most challenging era, and in doing so, he left his own lasting impact on GE Aviation.


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