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The Friendly (Unmanned) Skies: FAA Drone Flight Testing Lands First Milestone

For almost two years the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and a series of industry participants ­— including AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation — have been conducting tests to figure out how to best manage increased air traffic once commercial drones start buzzing in the sky. Just this month AiRXOS completed its real-world test flights in the FAA’s first phase of designing the air traffic management system of the future.

Sweet 15: GEnx Engine Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

The GEnx engine, the fastest selling widebody engine that GE Aviation has ever produced, marked its 15th year since its launch in April 2004. With outstanding performance and utilization, the GEnx engine family has accumulated 25 million flight hours and 4 million flight cycles.

Aviation Eye-Candy: The Sights Behind the Signings

If you don’t stop and admire the scenery every once in a while, you might miss some of the most spectacular sights in aviation. Here are a few our favorite sights from this year’s Paris Air Show.

A LEAP Across the Pond: This New York-Paris Jet Route Is Plush And Fast

France’s La Compagnie is operating a business-class-only daily flight between Newark Liberty Airport and Orly, powered by ultra-efficient CFM LEAP engines, which provide double-digit gains in fuel efficiency and allow the plane fly further on a single tank on fuel while also lowering carbon emissions, oxides of nitrogen emissions and noise.


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