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Airport Cleanliness: There’s An App For That

With the new Wellness Trace app, travelers can see how airport employees are working to carry out safety protocols. At the Albany airport, where GE launched the system this week, QR stickers are posted in more than 45 locations, allowing travelers to see when an area was last cleaned. Employees upload information into the app each time they clean a corresponding surface.

The X-Factor: 22,000 Pounds Of Thrust Just Got Quieter

In August, NASA took delivery of the first F414-GE-100 engine for its X-59 QueSST plane, a one-of-a-kind experimental aircraft that will fly faster than Mach 1 and higher than most high-performance aircraft at 55,000 feet.

Clean Sky 2 Maestro Project Ready for Take-Off

The European research project for small air transport has contributed new technologies that will soon fly with GE’s Catalyst, and is looking ahead at driving an even more sustainable future.

The Workhorse: T700 Continues to Deliver

The T700, GE Aviation’s workhorse helicopter engine, has been going strong for 42 years and counting. This spring alone, the company was awarded $242 million in contracts with the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps.

New Health App ID Aims to Restore Passenger Confidence

GE Aviation has created Health Application ID to help the aviation industry address COVID-19 related safety concerns. “This application addresses an urgent need in our industry to help ensure airline and airport workers have been screened for COVID-19 and that their fellow passengers have been checked,” said Andrew Coleman, chief commercial officer of GE Aviation’s Digital Group.

GE’s F414 Delivers

When the U.S. Navy awarded GE Aviation a $754 million engineering and manufacturing development contract for the F414 engine...


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