GE Aviation set a world’s record for thrust with the powerful GE90-115B engine. The new North Utility Plant at the Evendale, Ohio headquarters might give it a run for its money in terms of utilities capacity.

“The 68,000 square-foot North Utility Plant will be the newest utility plant on the Evendale campus since the 1940s,” said Chris Kearns, facility utility project manager for GE Aviation.

GE Aviation is investing in the utility plant, underground pipeline distribution system along with a communication infrastructure, which is part of the Evendale campus revitalization efforts that will hit the $500 million mark by 2020.

“Maintenance costs for utilities and facility infrastructure have been steadily rising,” explains Chris. “The new building and associated equipment will be more energy efficient. We anticipate a 40 percent reduction in the carbon footprint when the building is fully functioning.”

The building structure is nearly complete and expectations are the mechanical, electrical and plumbing phases will be complete this summer. The next phase will add offices to the building.

Beyond the utilities capabilities, the North Utility Plant has an unusual façade that replicates a jet engine facing the sky. “Dave Swigart, the original project manager for the facility, credits the architectural firm with the basic design concept to make the building into the Northern doorstep to the Evendale campus. The rotunda features a nose cone with blades fanning out like a jet engine and the front windows resemble the sides of an engine. The design makes the building even more unique,” said Chris.

“The North Utility Plant will support the Evendale campus well into the future,” adds Chris.

Click here to watch the North Utility Plant get built right before your eyes.