GE Aviation Digital Solutions, in partnership with GE’s Marine Solutions, recently secured an Asset Performance Management (APM) proof of concept order from Military Sealift Command (MSC). MSC is the leading provider of ocean transportation for the Navy and the Department of Defense, operating approximately 120 ships daily around the globe.

Edge servers, developed at GE’s Global Research Center (GRC) – industrial servers that enable software installation – are being installed to enable data collection, and GE Aviation will provide several cloud-based Predix Asset Performance Management (APM) services for MSC: Machine Equipment Health (MEH), Reliability Management (RM), and SmartSignal.

Machine Equipment Health is the foundation of APM, connecting customers with their data, and Reliability Management builds on that foundation, providing data-driven insights that prevent unplanned downtime of assets and lower maintenance costs. SmartSignal provides early and actionable warnings of impending equipment and process problems, allowing your workforce to move from reactive to proactive maintenance. These products work together to help the military predict failures and downtime before they occur, ultimately increasing mission readiness.

The first phase of this effort will leverage cloud-based Predix APM, GRC Edge Servers, and physics-driven analytics on two of MSC’s T-AKE dry storage vessels, vessels operated by MSC to deliver cargo, such as ammunition, food, limited quantities of fuel, and repair parts, to U.S. and allied ships at sea.

A potentially larger second phase in 2018 will add the GRC’s Digital Twin and Digital Ghost applications deployed on the vessels themselves. GE’s Digital Ghost is an industrial cybersecurity software that uses sensors and controls to detect, locate and neutralize threats.

This combination of its Digital Twin efforts and industrial control technologies using Digital Ghost will be used to thwart potential cyberattacks. The Navy views this as a pathfinder effort for a broader APM/Digital Ghost deployment across both MSC and the combat Navy…fleets that encompass more than 380 vessels in total.

This effort required a lot of hard work and determination by not only the GE Aviation Digital team, but the teams from Power Conversion, GE Digital and the GRC as well. “The team worked through issue after issue diligently, creatively, and with the best interests of GE and the Government in mind at all times,” says Andrew Coleman, Chief Commercial Officer, GE Aviation Digital Solutions. “We should be proud of our team, excited about the opportunity to show our stuff at MSC, and energized by what it means for growing our Digital business in the Military space in 2018.”